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For One Day is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

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I.   For 4 page tops
     on 55 web sites
     A. About
     B. Benefits
     C. Fixed ad
     D. Ad size
     E. Check
     F. Terms
     G. Order
        1. For one day
        2. For a month

II.  Display only
     on this site
     A. A banner ad
        1. Overview
        2. Order
        3. Check spots
           a. Upper
           b. Lower
        4. Change
     B. A text link ad
        1. Links
        2. Order
     C. Home page text link ad
        (Order from)

III. Home
     A. Order info
     B. Contact us
     C. Directions
     D. Logo & theme
     E. Privacy policy
     F. Fraud measures

IV.  Tech topics
     A. Links - 72 ppi
     B. Check a browser
     C. Check resolution

V.   Acknowledgements

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