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For One Day is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

About this one day advertising service
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

For one day, your banner ad can be prominently shown on
55 web sites, on 4 applicable pages each, at the same time.

These pages are set aside with one example of a
fixed ad which also shows the maximum ad
size (of 728 x 90 pixels) we will display
on any of the internet sites. Those who
are inventive want to know if theirs
can be placed there as the example.

You provide your own banner ad, the internet
address to which it is to connect, plus a brief
message (for browsers which will list the
"Alt" tag). In turn, we'll program these
items to be activated within the web
pages of this advertising service.

The diligent will visit these pages to
see how they may be used to their
advantage by the day or longer.

As an advertiser, you'll also want a fast
and effective way to check that your
ad is being displayed and properly
functioning. We provide this in the
form of a linked table where you
need only click inside of one of
the cells to verify each page
with your linked banner.

There are no extra charges for :
Quantity of displays
Number of clicks


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